Pixelmon Update

[Owner] Pro457 a posted Mar 16, 15

Hey guys,

I'm sure many of you have been wondering what is going on with the Pixelmon server rather recently. There hasn't been a "big" update in a long time, and we wanted to let you all know that here is an update in store for everyone. We are currently deciding on the new "secret" update and will let you all know in more depth soon enough! For the time being, no more details (sorry)!



Hey guys!

For the latest installment of the RPG server, we are going to have a big economic overhaul. This will bring many new features to the way the economy works and will make it much more diverse and dynamic. With this, the removal of the spawn sign shops, although disappointing, will put more of a focus on earning money in fun ways.

The new ways to make money include: Jobs, arenas (both PvP and PvE), lotteries, quizzes, McMMO addons, quests, events, minigames (not going to be added just yet), and more.

Although these features have not yet been added, they are primarily already configured, and will be added once our super secret content update is released!

Keep questing, everyone!

- CG Staff