Hey guys,

Sorry for the late announcement and RPG downtime. It is currently being transferred because the node it has been running on is overloaded (which largely attributes to the lag).


Update 1.2.2_4 adds a revised IP for the new server node. In addition, we are doing a test to see if the current overworld is contributing to the lag, so we have set it aside and a new world has been temporarily generated. Please help us test this and play on it for a few days so we can analyze the lag on a clean, temporary slate.

Thank you!

Zenima I just hope there will be an announcement on the front page here when it's finally up. I've been checking every day!
Redtail That's fine tslat! Mn, and if those issues require a rollback of sorts, we'll live, I'm sure. Thanks for letting us know ...
tslat Developer It needed to be done to resolve the lag issues.

Summer Sale!

[Owner] Pro457 a posted Jun 9, 15

Hey guys,

If you haven't already noticed, all shop items are 25% off in the RPG and Pokemon stores! Grab your store items while it lasts!

- CG Staff