Hey guys!

If you're an RPG fan and/or player on our RPG server, you'll be happy to hear that there are now world bosses implemented into the server, as well as a couple of dungeons and quests. We are working mutliple hours a day to being you all new content to experience and new areas to explore. Many of the new quests are repeatable and offer a variety of rewards.

Currently, we are going to be implementing different decisions that you can make during quests that affect your status with the NPCs around the town (basically affecting your allignment) and will grant you access to new areas, traders, quests, and more depending on the allignment you are following. Furthermore, there are going to be new campaign quests and storylines that will provide fun backgrounds on different NPCs and areas around the spawn!

Overall, we hope that you are enjoying the current new features and we hope you are looking forward to all of the features to come!

- CG Staff

Hey guys!

A few announcements about the RPG server. First and foremost, we are astounded at how quickly the mod pack took off! In the first 3 days of release it is now trending on the front page of Technic! We apologize for the spawn not being in the current world. It will be put into place this weekend.

With the addition of spawn many new features will start to pop up, including: New shops, quests, mob farms, parkour arenas, explorable areas, loot chests, dungeons, minigames, PvE events, and more!

(Also, more items, bundles, etc. are going to be added to the RPG server store.)

Don't forget to +1 the mod pack and register on this website!


- Castrum Gaming Staff