Hey guys,

Sorry about the server downtime! We were basically transferring all of the online database files (over 150 gb) to another hard drive for more space. Anyways, thanks for waiting!

-- Pro457

Game Giveaway

[Owner] Pro457 a posted Oct 20, 14
Hey guys!

We are going to be giving away a few different games, including:

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Legendary Edition

Farcry 3

Magic 2014 Gold

To Participate:
Make sure to +1 our mod packs, in addition to commenting on the Pixelmon mod pack page what you like most about our community/server. Also post in the comments below your steam name/ID and we will randomly pick 3 winners!

1) +1 mod pack   2) Comment on mod pack   3) Comment steam ID below

Thanks for enjoying Castrum Gaming!

- CG Staff
berillio ;D i think i throw my name in here aswell steamid : zantorino ...
Twinonekid123 My steam is elowalker My technic post is under a account called "Brandon"
[Heroic] 8Rain8 steam id is 88rain8