Hey guys,

Due to many issues with MCProHosting (not a good service...very laggy), we will be switiching to a new host tonight, October 3rd, 2015.

We hope this will resolve many issues, as the new host has better hardware and will give us more ram for a lower price!

Thank you for your added patience,


[Owner] Pro457 a It's close to finishing uploading to the new host.
Senbonzakura Hey pro just wondering how long it will be till its fixed? (normally i would just leave it but im curious sorry....) ...

Hey guys,

We are currently scheduled for mid-late October for artwork to be designed for our community. With this new artwork, one of my friends will be redesigning the website in conjunction with the artist (to achieve maximum design). We are happy to bring these changes into the community and hope that you guys look forward to them as much as we do!

Additionally, the Pixelmon spawn is being redone (terraforming is nearly complete), as well as extensive maintenance on the RPG mod pack.

Sorry for the slow progression the past few months.

- Pro457